Little Boy

By: Lucía Poza The other day I went on a trip with my religion class. We went to see the film Little Boy. Little Boy is a film about a boy called Peper, he is a really happy boy who loves playing with his father, James. But one day, the father and his older brother had to decide who would go to the war. When Little Boy heard this, he got very sad. He had to say goodbye to his father maybe for a long time. While his father was in the battlefield, Peper wanted to do something to make his father … Continue reading Little Boy

My visit to Zamora

By: Lucía Poza I like travelling very much, I don’t mind the place because I think travelling is beautiful and important and it gives you the chance to see and appreciate different cultural monuments or beautiful landscapes. The last trip I have done has been to Zamora. I visit Zamora very often because some of my relatives live there. I like going there because we visit many cultural things and we enjoy a lot. Another reason why I go to Zamora is because I barely see my grandmother, so sometimes we give her a surprise going there without telling her … Continue reading My visit to Zamora