The Halloween Haunted House

By: Sara Fernández

When I started my first year in high school I was very nervous because I didn’t know what was going to happen but, on the other hand, I was excited because… WE COULD DO THE HAUNTED HOUSE!!!

We started with the decorations, such us tombstones, cobwebs, terrifying dolls… and our teacher, Juan Ignacio, told us wich character we were going to perform: deranged people, mad scientist, strange girl, zombies, dead bodies, monster under the bed or werewolf.

We had 4 different rooms. The first one was divided into two, the first half was a cemetery in wich 3 zombies scared the visitors and a werewolf who started to howl, the second one was a bedroom in wich a strange girl started to shout and to move in the place, the dead bodies started to move a little bit and a monster under the bed scared people. The second one was a hospital in wich mad people had different works such us watching the TV, moving around the room or playing chess in a very lonely manner. The third one was  a laboratory in wich the mad scientist told a story of a person who died and he had all his organs removed, and you could touch them. I had the role of the strange girl and my costume was a shirt with blood, a square skirt and a terrifying doll.

And finally the big day came!

When the students of 6º grade came the scares started. There were some of them who didn’t even enter the house, as terrified they were, others shouted a bit (…or a lot!), but I definitely think they had a great time.

In my opinion it was a very funny day and a very good experience. I liked it very much and I hope that the 6º grade students did too.

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