Review: “Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them”

By: Rocío Manzano

I have seeen the last Harry Potter film last Wednesday 7th December. Three weeks after its premiere, I had to buy my tickets three hours before it started if  I didn’t want to miss it!

Anyway, it was absolutely worth it. Although I missed some characters from the original “Harry Potter” films I think it was brilliant!

The film tells the story of a boy called Newt Scamander, who couldn’t finish his studies because he was expelled from Hogwarts after putting in danger the lives of some of his schoolmates because one of his magical beasts. He, at the age of 22, after travelling around the world trying to discover all types of beasts, went to New York with one secret purpose and accompanied by his briefcase, which contains sort of a “parallel world” with more than one hundred fantastic beasts! I don’t want to spoil you the whole film, I’ll only tell you that the escape of three beasts, one muggle who saw more than what he should have and an ex-auror made Scamander’s trip unforgettable!

I really liked the film. The music was perfectly chosen for every moment, the script was realistic and the characters weren’t stereotyped at all, almost everyone had their story behind, which explained their behaviour. Nevertheless, I feel I miss something from the movie. Keeping in mind this story takes place 70 years before Harry Potter was born, it’s not shocking that almost any of the “Harry Potter” films and books characters were alive yet, but… I admit I would like to have heard more things related to Hogwarts, quidditch, or some of the wizard families such as the Malfoys or the Weasleys! And I also didn´t liket that it takes place in the USA.

Anyhow, it was a REALLY good movie and I’m looking forward to watching the following four ones!

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