Little Boy


By: Lucía Poza

The other day I went on a trip with my religion class. We went to see the film Little Boy.
Little Boy is a film about a boy called Peper, he is a really happy boy who loves playing with his father, James.
But one day, the father and his older brother had to decide who would go to the war. When Little Boy heard this, he got very sad. He had to say goodbye to his father maybe for a long time. While his father was in the battlefield, Peper wanted to do something to make his father come back. He was a boy full of hope, and he even thought he could move mountains.
After a while, a man came to their house and said to his mum that James was dead. But then they discovered it wasn’t true, James was alive but he was traumatized.
I really enjoyed this film. It’s beautiful but at the same time it’s a little bit sad. I recomend it specially to all that people who believe that everything is possible.

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