My visit to Zamora

By: Lucía Poza


I like travelling very much, I don’t mind the place because I think travelling is beautiful and important and it gives you the chance to see and appreciate different cultural monuments or beautiful landscapes.

The last trip I have done has been to Zamora. I visit Zamora very often because some of my relatives live there. I like going there because we visit many cultural things and we enjoy a lot. Another reason why I go to Zamora is because I barely see my grandmother, so sometimes we give her a surprise going there without telling her anything and she gets very happy.

I go to Zamora every year, at Easter, summer and Christmas. I mostly like going there for Christmas because we join all the family and because it is nicely decorated.

Some people will say Zamora isn’t a beautiful or cultural place, I think that depends on each one’s cultural pleasures. In my opinion, I will say that Zamora is a beautiful place with nice people.

If I have to choose some places to recommend, I will mention the cathedral, that is a beautiful Romanesque cathedral, and sometimes typical dances shows take place here. There is also a beautiful bridge called “Puente de Piedra”, from where you can appreciate the whole city and take beautiful photos. Another beautiful landscape is a natural park with many trees very close to Duero River.

I’ve barely gone out of Spain, I’ve only visited France when I was little, but I think in the near future I will visit other places, as, for example, London, Ireland or even New York, because I really like travelling.

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