Table Tennis

By Roberto Mache.

Table tennis is a sport where two people play between them and the first to win three or four sets wins. Probably, if I ask where table tennis was invented, you all will say it was invented in China, but it was not invented there: it was invented in the United Kingdom.

Ma Long, table tennis 2015 world champion

People wanted to play tennis outside, but, because of the rain, they could not, so they started playing indoors with small rackets and on tables. But nowadays Chinese people play better than British people. For example, this is Ma Long, 2015 world champion and number 1 in the international ranking.

Some other good players are Zhang jike, Fan Zhendong or Jun Mizutani. Unfortunately, there are not very good Spanish players at the moment.

I have been playing this sport for a year now. Some people think that with table tennis you are not practising any sport at all, but you do. In fact, you have to train very hard to compete and do well.

You can watch this video and see a 14 years old boy playing and doing very well!

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