Some history and monuments in Getafe

By: Andrea Ruiz

Getafe is a Spanish city in Madrid, a very populated area, also home of one of the oldest military base and one very-well known University called Universidad Carlos III. It is located near to Leganés and other very well-know cities.

Jesús Prieto de la Fuente was the first mayor, he started 1n 1978 and ended in 1983.

If you want to visit places in Getafe you should go to the cathedral of Magdalena, which is located in the central neighbourhood of Getafe and was built by Alonso de Covarrubias and Juan de la Mora. It was built from 1549 to 1770.

Another very well-known place in Getafe is the Cerro de los ángeles which is located more or less 10 km south of Madrid. This place is very popular because of its beautiful parks where you can go and have fun and also a picnic with your friends and your family.

There are also more interesting places, such as El Hospitalillo de san José. It was a hospital for poor people in Getafe, built in Getafe in 1507, which Mendoza also decided to build.

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