R5 Pop-Rock Band

By Cristina Cortés.

R5 is a pop-rock band, its members are: Ross Lynch, he plays the guitar, sings and is an actor of TV shows like Austin & Ally. The third oldest in the Lynch family: Rocky Lynch, he plays the guitar and taught Ross to play it too. The only girl in the band: Rydel Lynch, she plays the keyboard and is the second eldest in the Lynch family. Riker Lynch is the eldest brother with 24 years, he plays the bass and is an actor in the TV series Glee. And Ellington Lee Ratliff, who plays the drums and is a dancer.

The Lynch family lived in Littleton (Colorado) and they moved to Los Angeles were they competed in a dance program called Dancing with the stars, where they met Ellington in the trials of the program. They became friends and started performing in small places till they got where they are now. They released their first album, Louder, in 2014 and they started to perform in European countries, such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, France, Ireland… Last year they released their second album called Sometime Last Night and started their tour around Europe, USA and South America.

2 thoughts on “R5 Pop-Rock Band

  1. AC/DC
    I love rock music, my favourite group is AC/DC .They are an australian hard
    rock band .My favourite one is Angus Young. He is a lead guitar player. I love
    their songs, because they are explosive, it’s very good rock’n’roll. My favourite
    songs are back in black, highway to hell, thundestruck, you shook me all night,
    hell bells , TNT and shoot to thirll. I always listen to their songs in the car, or
    with my friends.


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