By Mario Hernando.

Momo is a very interesting book that I recommend everybody to read. Momo is a girl who hasn’t got parents. She can listen to the problems of the people and help them in solving them. She has got lots of friends who wish to spend time with her because she is very funny. But suddenly the grey men (who are time robbers) make everybody forget about how important time is and they start thinking more in buying lots of  things and in working rather than in having free time. Momo defeats the grey men and get things back the way they were.

When you read the book, you realise that, from time to time, we need more free time to spend with our friends and our families. We must learn how to listen to other people who can help us. We must also learn to share and not waste any more time on things that are not important.

Momo is a novel that has had seventy two editions and yet people keep on buying it. I recommend it to you!

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