Holidays in Manchester

By Sergio Domínguez

This Christmas has been very special for me because I’ve been to Manchester with my English family having a good time with them.

There, Christmas is a very special time of the year. They prepare everything in great detail and you can feel it when you land in England. I was there for some days, but only within a few days, I was feeling Christmas more than all the years I’ve been in Spain. All the homes show loads of lights and with Christmas decorations that are made by themselves. They also have a special room just for Santa’s presents.

Christmas dinner was fantastic. There were loads of things to eat and everything was eaten with a special sauce called gravy, which, for me, is delicious! It was a special dinner, not only for the gravy or the food; it was because they have dinner at 19:00, weird, isn’t it?

But Christmas is not the only good memory that I have from this trip; I also went to Trafford Center, which is the biggest shopping center in Manchester, and the second one in England. People in Manchester describe it as “massive”. Trafford Center has all the shops that you can imagine and I was very lucky because I went there during the days after Christmas and there were loads of discounts. There were shoes that in Spain you can’t find and they were very cheap!

I went to the cinema too! It’s the third time I go to the cinema in England and I really enjoy it! I went to watch  Daddy’s home (in Spanish, Padres por desigual) and it was very good. Maybe you can think that going to the cinema in England is hard to understand, but it is not! I understood everything, although not the jokes. But anyway I went to watch Ted 2 and The Minions and, as well, I understood everything. So, if you go one day to England, try to watch a film, don’t be afraid!

And of course, if you go to England, try fish & chips! It’s really nice. It’s the famous food in England, as “cocido” in Madrid.

In conclusion, these have been the best Christmas of my life. My English family is fantastic and I really like being with them. If you go to Manchester, visit Trafford Center, go for a walk around the center of the city, if you like football you have two of the best football teams of the Premier League with beautiful stadiums and the most important thing: don’t forget the umbrella!

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