My Passion for Tennis

By Carlota González Durán.

Tennis is not only a sport. Tennis is for me the best thing in the world.

My grandfather was the first person in my family who tried tennis. Then my father also tried it and now they play tennis very frequently. Before I was born, my grandfather wanted me to be a boy because he thought that if I were a girl, I wouldn’t like tennis. But… he was wrong.

I started playing tennis at the age of 5. I was in a club called Advantage and I didn´t like tennis. I cried every time I started my lesson and I was even going to quit. But I tried once more and since that day tennis is part of me. I cannot live without tennis.

When I was 8, I changed to my current club: Villa de Getafe. I train every Tuesday and every Thursday and I play matches during the weekend. We play as a team and we support each other. We are kind of a family with one thing in common: we LOVE tennis.

I have met lots of friends cause of tennis and I have had many good experiences.

I am a ball girl at the international tournament Mutua Madrid Open. I have been with famous tennis players such as Rafa Nadal, Serena Williams… I will never forget these amazing experiences.

I could tell you many, many things about tennis, but I would never finish. I think you all should try tennis and not play it as an obligation or something like that. Play it if you really like and enjoy it.

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